I’m graduating and I’ve been accepted to a PhD program in Ireland

I’m very happy to announce that I’m graduating and also, I’ve been accepted to a PhD program in Ireland. I can’t wait to work to push the boundaries of my knowledge of deep learning and image processing.

I defended my Masters Thesis on May 27 and am all set to graduate this spring. The thesis defense went very well. My wife and a friend recorded it. I’d upload a recording of it here but there is a temporary embargo on my thesis because we plan a third publication based on some of the work I’ve been doing the last month or so if it works out.


On June 11, I’ll be speaking in Atlanta at COMPSAC 2016 to present my research on finding large empty areas in high dimensional spaces.

I also published a full paper at the “Modern AI and Cognitive Science Conference” at the Modern AI and Cognitive Science Conference. The title was: Comparison of Recent Machine Learning Techniques for Gender Recognition from Facial Images and can be accessed here: Modern AI and Cognitive Science 2016 paper 21
I also made a presentation aimed at a more general audience, which I presented at SOURCE 2016 and which can be accessed here: http://digitalcommons.cwu.edu/source/2016/cos/2/

It feels strange (but nice) to not have any urgently pressing deadlines after months of non-stop urgency.